Zamzam Abdi My name is Zamzam Abdi, I’m a Journalism and Media Communication student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. I consider myself to be a citizen of the world. I enjoy writing and photography; it gives me a way of expressing myself.

Being a Global Nomad had opened my eyes to different cultures and different ways of living, making me want to explore even further. I know that there are many bigger and better things that are worth the discovery in the world, and that is essentially what I would like to do. I am passionate about issues in our world and modern day movements, which influence our society. I am hoping that I’ll be able to write about these issues through my lens, and be able to embark on a journey of discovery and document that journey as I go. Some of my original photography is also displayed on this site showing the reason I have developed a unique appreciation for photography. It has the ability to capture memories when words lack to explain or justify a specific scene or a moment in time.

I have worked and volunteered in many different areas, which helped me accumulate great knowledge across a wide range of fields from office duties to retail and management. This site will serve as a platform for me to showcase my work and different areas of interests, as well as explore my passions and talents. I will be featuring original material and sharing my experiences with the world through this site.